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Best Kayak Reviews – Find The Best Kayak Type For You

Welcome to Best Kayak Reviews! If you have landed on this page then our best guess is that you are in search for a kayak whether it be to buy or browse through a review we wish you find what you are looking for.

Where to Start?

If you already have a firm idea of the type and model of Kayak you are after and would like some more information on the specifics of that kayak itself including customer testimonials, then head over to our reviews section where you will find a list of kayak reviews you can browse through.

If on the other hand you are not sure which make or model kayak you are after, but already know what type of kayak style you are looking for, then click on the icons below to lead you to the respective page, where hopefully you will find the best kayak for your particular needs.

Alternatively directly below you will find our interactive chart of Kayaks. This guide ranks the top rated Kayaks on the market today based on a number criteria including price and customer review ratings. Hopefully this will help you decide which is the best kayak for you.

We wish you find what you are looking for!

Still not sure what type of Kayak you are after, then read the article Choosing The Best Kayak For You below. This will hopefully guide you into the right direction.

Choosing The Best Kayak For You

When choosing a kayak, the first question you need to ask yourself is where you intend to kayak. Most people would want to kayak just about anywhere.

Before you venture out to purchase a kayak, it is important to determine what type of a paddler you really are. You can get the answer to this question by further asking yourself a few questions;

Where would you like to kayak? You have a wide range of choices from shallow rivers to creeks, small lakes, large water bodies or even oceans.

How much time will you be kayaking?

How much distance do you expect to cover on your kayak?

In order to be able to choose the best kayak, it is important to learn of all the different types and where they are best suited to be made use of. So, what are the different types of kayaks?

Types Of Kayaks

1. Fishing kayaksFishing-Kayak

These types of kayaks are recreational kayaks that have been created for the sole purpose of fishing. These kayaks come with numerous fishing features like gear and bait hatchets and even rod holders and many more features.

These kayaks also come with GPS and tackle among other equipment used for fishing.

Fishing kayaks can come in the form of sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks. However, the later types are mostly preferred for fishing. This kayaks offer stability as they are typically rocked during fishing.


These kayaks are manufactured in either tandem or solo models. The most popular fishing kayaks are pedal kayaks. These are efficient when it comes to back and forth movement as you do it with your feet.

When it comes to fishing kayaks, the most important factor to consider is maneuverability and stability. If you prefer fishing in flatwater, you need to find a kayak that can easily maneuver the waters. This means that a shorter and lighter kayak will be moist ideal as they are easy to make quick turns with.

If you plan on fishing on large water reservoir, Open Ocean or inlet bays, you need to consider the distance and thus a longer and narrow kayak will be just right.

To find out more on Fishing Kayaks, please visit our Fishing Kayaks page.

2. Sea kayaksSea-Kayak

If you are the kind of a person who is interested in sea kayaking adventure, then a sea kayak would be your best bet. The best thing about these kayaks is the fact that they are not restricted for use on sea only; they can also be used as touring kayaks too. This is because these kayaks have large gear capacity that makes them essential for touring.

These kayaks are essentially long making them easy to track as compared to shorter kayak. It is easy to spot a sea kayak. This is because they are relatively narrower and this affects their stability but increases their efficiency.

Sea kayaks are meant to cater for the different needs of anglers. They come in different materials with the favorites being fiberglass, rotomold as well as carbon kelver.

Sea kayaks range between 12” and 24”. This makes them easier to control in challenging currents and will move in a straight line with a little help of a keel. Since their long nature makes them harder to navigate, they come with rudders that make it possible to turn and track.

To find out more on Sea Kayaks, please visit our Sea Kayaks page.

3. Inflatable kayaksInflatable-Kayak

Opposed to whatt the name suggests these are not blow-up types like the ones that existed years ago. The inflatable kayaks of today are more sophisticated. They have been created with the best technology, they are lightweight and durable.

There are other types of inflatable kayaks that come with spines, rib flames as well as forms that stiffen the kayak and offer support. The way these kayaks are designed makes them the most light -weight kayaks in the market today.

You can get inflatable kayaks in either tandem or solo style. These are mostly used in fishing and recreational kayaking on coastal open, whitewater and even flat water.

You can get inflatable kayaks in sizes between 8” and 15”. They are created in a way that ensures they are easy to stow inside of a travel vehicle and also in a way that makes them easy to break down. These kayaks are also easy to store.

There are many types in the market and they vary in price and quality.

To find out more on inflatable kayaks, please visit our Inflatable Kayaks page.

4. Sit on top kayaksSit-On-Top-Kayak

These types of kayaks are best suited for beginners and youth paddlers. They are created in a way that is easy and enjoyable to use. A sit on top kayaks simply refers to a kayak that is an open hull with a seat on the top of the kayak.

The sit on top kayak are created upright simply because they have a beam that is wider. Because of this width, these kayaks are quite stable. These kayaks will easily go back to the upright position in case they flip because they do not have an enclosed cockpit.

These kayaks also come with retomold type traps air inside and this makes this kayak is naturally lightweight as well as boyant. This is the type of kayak for youths as it is easily handled and they can use this kayak for fishing. However, it requires longer paddles as it is wider that other kayak types.


You can get these kayaks in either tandem or solo designs. Sit on top kayaks are also the most popular types and they make up a third of all kayaks bought today. Some of the designs come with built in storage. They are manufactured in fiberglass and plastic and this makes them low maintenance.

To find out more on sit on top kayaks, please visit our Sit On Top Kayaks page.

5. SUP boards (stand up paddle boards)Stand-Up-Paddle-Board

This is the most important gear any paddler will ever invest in. the most important factor to consider when choosing a SUP board is the size and your weight and paddling experience.

Experienced paddlers who are light weight can choose narrow boards. If you are a beginner, you need to select paddlers that are wide and flat. The reason wide and flat SUP boards are best suited for beginners is because they are efficient and more stable that narrow boards.

These boards come in all shapes and sizes. The best size is a board that is at least 8” longer that the user’s height. You can go for a board with adjustable configuration as these can be adjusted to be sued for surfing and also cruising. SUP boards are made from fiberglass, plastic or wood.

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